Gone are those days when online promotion was limited to texts and still images. With the advancement of era, we’ve set foot to an age where promotion takes a high leap with videography. Nowadays, video is not only a medium of entertainment, but infotainment and promotion.

Why YouTube Advertisement?

Huge Viewership

With over an average of one billion videos being watched every day and mobile viewers spending an average of 40 minutes per session – YouTube videos have got under our skin and become a true social media magnet. Therefore, promoting through YouTube means to convey your message or business propaganda to millions of viewers within less time.


The great thing with YouTube is that you get both the options of promoting though In-Stream Ads or make your own YouTube channel to promote your business.


You can make YouTube Ads for your targeted clients with powerful video messaging at a fraction of the cost of Google PPC adverts. However, the prime secret lies in the representation of messaging and the execution. You will be surprised just how cost effectively BigDots can produce, manage and promote your YouTube advertising whilst keeping you updated with dashboard reports.

Why Choose Big Dots For YouTube Promotion?

Having BigDots as your promotional partner, you are likely to get:

Professional Video makers and infographic artist to incorporate your project

Strong engaging video contents & strategies to attract new potential leads

Reaching to your ideal customers in less time

Get informed in every step of the way

Live reporting and instant access

Cost effective service – great return for your investment

Take advantage of our professional video promotion service and reach out to your prospective clients. Call BigDots on 0490 801 373 and tell us your project requirements.