SMS Marketing is one of the easiest ways to promote your products or services directly to a mass audience by using text messages. When it’s come to marketing or promoting a product, it is a cost-effective medium to implement. Moreover, it allows the sender to customize messages for each recipient.

Why Go For SMS Marketing?

Better Opening Rates Than Email

Clients can benefit from expeditious delivery of personalised messages to hundreds of recipients. Nowadays as almost everyone has a cell phone; SMS marketing holds a higher opening rates compared to emails. The most concerning thing with emails that it can get buried in inboxes, taking days for a response. As the recipients get an instant notification of SMS, most recipients are likely to check it almost immediately (just like reflex). If the content of the SMS is really engaging, the recipient may decide to subscribe in real time.

Low Implementation Cost

One of the prime benefits with SMS marketing is that it involves less set-up cost and can be really less time-consuming. Moreover, as SMS doesn’t require any additional software to run or doesn’t feed on data, almost everyone pays a look immediately.

Why Rely On Big Dots For SMS Marketing Campaign?

At Big Dots, we create powerful and engaging SMS marketing campaigns to help our clients convert prospects leads into loyal customers. Our content developers have years of experience in creating engaging contents for SMS. So, whether you want to inform a ‘shop opening’ in your area or want your potential leads to visit your website – we have you covered.

Get higher response rates and attention-getting quality content with detailed information. Talk to our experts at Big Dots on 0490 801 373 and tell us your query.