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What is RPL?

Developed by the Australian Government in the late 1990s, The recognition of prior  learning  (RPL)  is  a  process  that allows  individuals  to have  their prior knowledge,  learning  and  experience  assessed  and  recognized  for  credit towards a formal and non-formal qualification

RPL is becoming more widely recognized and accepted as a valid method of achieving qualifications. Many institutions have implemented RPL processes and policies, and it is becoming an increasingly popular way for individuals to gain qualifications and  advance their careers. RPL is seen as a valuable tool for promoting lifelong learning and providing individuals with the opportunity to have their prior learning recognized and rewarded.

Recognition Prior Learning Assessment (RPL) must be 
  • Conducted by an Academic Staff of an RTO with the expertise in the subject content, knowledge and skill expertise
  • Regulated with genuine and sufficient proof to support their experience
  • Able to identify their knowledge irrespective matter when, where, or how it was obtained
We, at BigDots, will  
  • Conduct an initial assessment or pre-assessment by our team of dedicated consultants
  • Identify what documents/evidence are required to complete the process.
  • Gather the documents needed to create a portfolio for the client.
  • Forward to our partnered RTOs for initial document assessment to verify the competency of the student.
  • Submit final application once our Partnered RTOs have assessed the competency of the student.

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